To Everything (turn, turn, turn)


A week or so ago, I sat in my chemo chair and crossed my fingers.  I said a little prayer to the blood cell Gods and did my very best to conjure some positive messaging to the little white blighters.


Despite this, and my multiple well-wishers that morning, it was not to be.  The white blood cell count had not recovered sufficiently to get the second cycle of cancer treatment. If you are a fan of detail: the white blood cell count needs to be over 4. The previous week it was 1.6 (very bad) last week it was 1.8 (still pretty bad). The drug itself causes the count to drop and combined with the anti-biotics for the chest infection and the impact of triple site radiotherapy to my bones, it just isn’t recovering as quickly as it should.  I am told there is nothing I can do or not do that will help this.

The result was they gave me another week off the treatment and we agreed to drop the dose for the second cycle.  I was really hoping for a two week window so that I could get away so the great news is they let me take my drugs with me and I started them on 1st May.  So whether the cell count has recovered sufficiently or not, I am now in to the second cycle, because we can’t keep waiting without making progress.  I will return to the treatment centre on 8th May for a blood test to see what the levels are and what the effect of the lower dose is.

So since then, I have had a great time seeing lots of people I haven’t seen for what feels like a million years.  I have made it to Wales and spent time with the people that matter the most.  We have totally lucked out with the weather and have been blessed with sunshine most days.  I continue to keep it shady under hats and scarves… Long may it continue.



My Sis and I


Big love to you and yours, AG x

#macmillan #breastcancercare



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