Go Gently…

Up until last Friday I had been quite proud of my blogging regularity.  I set myself a target and stuck to it. Until last Friday, when I was too busy waking up another year older, getting stuck on the M25 for 2 and a half hours and later on celebrating a wedding with old friends, I was committed, but this week… blogging had to wait. I had planned to skip a week and get back on it next week.  However, I am here, briefly, because for the first time since the 19th of February I have good news. Have you ever heard a smile down a phone from people who are beside themselves with concern for you? I have today, and let me tell you, there is nothing like it.

I was away last week for my birthday, and failed to open my boring looking post when I got back and only opened birthday cards.  Today, 3 days later, I thought perhaps I should take a look.  And I found a letter from the Prof, and it said this:


Two very simple sentences that mean the world to me and mine. It’s been a tough few weeks waiting for these results, to say the least.  We have had nearly 5 months of bad news followed by worse news.  So many delays and set backs added to the fear and just not knowing whether the Prof’s plan of attack was working. But he was right all along, and it is.  For the time being, we are winning and the tumours are in retreat. My body is finally doing what it is meant to do, and we are fighting back.

It has been a very special fortnight. I spent 4 days with the gorgeous GozFam, celebrated my birthday with the best friends a girl could ask for, swam in the sea, and enjoyed the most unbelievable sunshiney blue skies.

As this week comes to a close and the next busy one of appointments approaches, I am taking a minute to reflect.  It seems a perfect time to thank every person that has joined me on this journey.  Every single time somebody wishes me luck, asks me how an appointment went, drives me to a hospital, wants to know when the results will be in, brings me flowers, sends me cards, shares a cuppa with me; I know I have the arms of great people around me. I am beyond grateful that you look after me.

I have cried a lot today, in a good way.  Relief is powerful.

May your Sundays be peaceful.

Big Love [No… HUGE ;-)] AG xx

“Go Gently” is a lyric from one of my all time favourite songs : Kate Rusby: Underneath The Stars







4 thoughts on “Go Gently…

  1. Yay…yay…and bloody yay again! Sunshiny days and good news, it’s what summer is all about. Take care. x


  2. Dear Abigail,

    We were so pleased (no that is a daft understatement) to read your blog yesterday. Hope the card found you – it sounds like you had a good birthday! I notice it is Mab’s birthday today! We have had friends staying over the w/e & head towards Le Mans tomorrow- not in the planned vehicle as someone drove into that last Tuesday……! Thanks for keeping us up to date.

    Love, Richard & Viv



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